Our product range includes chemical compounds, raw materials and consumables for the aerospace/aviation market.

We cover the requirements of the major OEMs and MRO companies.

Our material management is totally complying with applicable Reach and quality prescriptions, from the sourcing process to the appropriate flow-down of customer order’s requirements, from the shelf-life management to the temperature-controlled storage, hazmat procedures and relevant shipping documentation with suitable Reach compliant SDS and special packaging.

A complete chemical management for a satisfactory customer experience!

We also supply some non-chemical products for specific applications in the aviation, automotive, composite and rubber/plastic industries:

Plastic Media

Commonly used for aerospace and industrial operations, such as: paint stripping, coatings removal, soft sandblasting, deflashing, deburring, surface preparation and mould cleaning, the plastic media is an environmentally friendly and recyclable alternative to the chemical stripping.

Mil-spec approved: MIL-P-85891A.

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Rubber Seals and Joints

Sealing solutions for several aerospace applications, including standard O-rings, high performance elastomers reinforced with technical fabrics, engineered precision rubber seals (fireproof seals, door seals, slat sets), static or dynamic seals, membranes, caps and plugs.

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Glass, Aramid and Carbon Fibres

Braided and woven reinforcements, primarily used for the composite industry.

Braids and woven tapes are made out of high-performance reinforcement fibers such as: glass, aramid, carbon and thermoplastics, impregnated with a matrix system to produce components. 

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Various equipment specifically intended to apply or dispense or mix chemicals, such as: pneumatic or manual dispensing guns, plungers, mixers, nozzles, needles, spatulas, spreaders, smoothing tools, removal tools/scrapers, and many others.


A large variety of innovative epoxy systems, which play an important role in composite aerospace manufacturing, including: adhesives for structural and general-purpose applications, syntactics, repair resins, electrically and thermally conductive epoxies, potting compounds, tooling resins, and many more…


Sealing solutions for several aerospace applications, including:

– Cabin: Thermal & Acoustics Insulation Materials & Blankets; Air & Water composites Ducts and Hoses; Integrated Composite Cockpits and Consoles.

– Airframe: Sealing solutions for Doors, Wings-Flaps, Access panels; TP Composite solutions for fuel hoses & connectors; TP semi-structural parts, Brackets, Struts.

– Engines & Equipments: Rotor Head Bearings & Dampers, BTP suspensions; Fire & Thermal protection for Nacelles & Pylons; High Temperature Sealing Solutions for Engines and Nacelles; Specific Lightweight TP solutions for engines, Bleed air hoses


A wide range of high-performance aerospace tapes, with excellent resistance to abrasion, high temperatures, UV, fluid, or chemical aggressions, specifically studied for several applications: masking or sealing, surface protection, anti-friction, sound dampening/thermal/electrical/vibration insulation, and much more.


A full range of oils, greases and metalworking fluids, such as: oils, semi-synthetics, synthetics, straight cutting oils, drawing or forming compounds, EDM fluids and machine lubricants. New generation products, which fully satisfy the aerospace requirements of surface improvement and tool life extension when machining, grinding, and forming. The top of the range are the environmentally friendly products, made from highly refined, ultra-pure ingredients, that are safe to handle and environmentally sustainable.


The sealants are essential to the aerospace manufacturing, maintenance, repair operations. The product line includes several solutions from the major manufacturers in the market, according to the different customers’ QPL and the specific technical needs: adhesion promoters, corrosion inhibitive sealants, electrically conductive or potting compounds, windshield, canopy, high temperature and firewall materials, as well as fast cure or fuel tank sealants. And many others…


A comprehensive variety of aerospace coatings and paints, which offer interior and exterior protection against corrosion, erosion and extreme weather and temperature conditions. The offered product range, with approved products for the military, commercial and business aviation,  contains, among others, activators, coatings, hardeners, primers, thinners, topcoats.