The manufacturing or maintenance of an aircraft are enormous and highly integrated tasks. There are millions of components and chemicals that must meet stringent requirements to work effectively. Our aviation-grade qualified and integrated services, based on a consultative approach, will
contribute to maximise your process efficiency.

Chemical Management Portfolio


A large variety of P/Ns is made regularly available at Aviochem’s warehouse.


Distribution of any chemical brands for aerospace application (line card with 300 brands /100 manufacturers, and counting).



Authorized stockbroker and consultant.

Product Qualification Support

Assistance in the replacement of discontinued products, for technical evolution or regulatory restrictions, with new solutions.

Pre and after sale Technical Assistance

Skilled professionals to support and find solutions.

Supply chain flow management

From the demand to the order fulfilment.

On consignment stock

Selected goods placed in customer’s inventory while retaining the ownership of the goods until after they are picked up.

Customized stock management

Selected products made regularly available at our warehouse, subject to subscription of an agreement.

Full chemical management

We take charge of everything connected with the supply and usage of chemicals, to delight our customer and make his chemical-related life hassle free.

Sealing Solutions

Customized sealing solutions for several aerospace applications, including:


Thermal & Acoustics Insulation Materials & Blankets; Air & Water composites Ducts and Hoses; Integrated Composite Cockpits and Consoles.


Sealing solutions for Doors, Wings-Flaps, Access panels; TP Composite solutions for fuel hoses & connectors; TP semi-structural parts, Brackets, Struts.

Engines & Equipments

Rotor Head Bearings & Dampers, BTP suspensions; Fire & Thermal protection for Nacelles & Pylons; High Temperature Sealing Solutions for Engines and Nacelles; Specific Lightweight TP solutions for engines, Bleed air hoses.

Integrated Services

Major services related to processes, warehousing, transport, distribution and data flow:

Order handling

Warehousing including use-by date, batch number management, picking and packing, kitting, customs and document handling, and much more.

Logistic solutions

Planning, management and operation of single shipments,
consolidate shipments, drop shipments, dry ice and special shipments, road/ship/airplane or combined transport, single freight or container load, on consignment stock withdrawal and much more.

Regulatory compliance at all levels.

Reach connected activities

  • SDS
  • HSE notifications
  • Substance/product obsolescence alerts through our dedicated platform (

Industrial Support Services & Technologies


Software solutions for manufacturing optimization in the composite component industry (

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